Increased global air travel especially with 90% of the world trade being generated from emerging economy all over the world, poses a security threat to airports all over the world.

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International boost in the shipping sector and the globalization of container transportation, crude oil & refined products transportation has generated substantial security threat

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The global economy is dependent on the oil & gas sector. For this reason, countries who export and import crude and refined products require value added security, screening, inspection, tracking solutions

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Today with an increase in illicit trade and global insurgency, there is an urgent need to explore strategic innovative solutions to ensure that customs administrations have all the necessary modern equipment

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Ports/Ports facilities, Physical security, which means the full security technology kit (access control/CCTV/PIDS/Screening/etc.) to secure the port, its facilities, its operation and its users.

Ports/Ports facilities, Operational security, which means the actual security operations in the Ports – manpower, security programs and procedures, training, emergency plans, business continuity, etc.

Cargo monitoring and tracking, inside the Ports and outside the Ports.

Vessel Traffic System (VTS) in the Ports and /or in the Nigerian territorial waters.

Security Command & Operation Center (SCOC) – per Port and/or main SCOC to control all the Ports. As     well Emergency Command Center (ECC).

All possible solutions in partnership with this consortium at NO COST to the Government or agencies. All equipment, products and solutions will be procured, installed, maintained, replaced at our cost. Training of all Nigerian workforce at our cost.

These solutions are suitable for the Ports & Harbours security/administration, Command & Control Centres, International Airports security, Oil & Gas loading bays security/tracking (for export and local distribution), Customs administration scanning/inspection (Maritime, Aviation, Borders), Maritime Police surveillance/security, NIMASA security/surveillance of territorial waters, SHIPPERS COUNCIL, Nigerian NAVY and other security agencies.




  • To install world class maritime, aviation, customs, oil & gas safety, inspection, tracking and security solutions at little or no cost to the authorities.
  • To facilitate well-managed and professionally operated Ports & Harbours, Airports, Customs & Excise Administration, Oil & Gas security teams of an international standard.
  • To evaluate, enhance, expand physical and electronic security systems and equipment, including training of the civilian workforce, maintenance, replacement and upgrade of security equipment throughout the tenure of the contract.
  • To equip the Ports, Harbours, Airports, Customs & Excise Administration, Crude & Refined products loading bays with the latest screening, surveillance and detection technology.
  • To initiate revenue generating solutions and world class maritime, aviation, customs administration, oil & gas facilities with modern security, inspection, screening and tracking products at little or no cost to the authorities and government.


  • Third Party Service Providers
  • We are Agents to a Principal who has the experience, technical expertise and resources to deliver a professionally operated and efficient modern Security Service using the latest digital equipment, products, support services and solutions.
  • Our Principal & Associates have a track record of successfully delivering similar projects Worldwide.
  • This Security Project providers investments benefits to the host community.
  • The Security Project ensures maintenance, repair, replacement and upgrade of all equipment installed at the International Airport throughout the duration of the contract.
  • The Project is based on a research/survey, facts, figures and a needs assessment evaluation basis.
  • Our Principal is an accredited strategic partner to the relevant International supervisory and regulatory organization.


  • This Third Party Service provider project would ensure a bullet points professionally operated grand security.
  • We pledge as Agents to work with the Government agencies in order to ensure continued compliance with International Safety and Security requirements.
  • The Security Project shall deliver an additional revenue stream to the Government.


  • To collaborate with Stakeholders, State security agencies and assigned or relevant government agencies to provide a network of security services designed specially to prevent any act of unauthorized interference.
  • To enable vessel and cargo operators to conduct their operation within the Ports, Harbors, Crude loading bays in a safe, secure environment and commercially viable to government perspective.
  • To design, develop a regular generating stream for the government agencies via concession fees.
  • To encourage new local/international operators and investors to the ports & harbours, airports, oil & gas facilities due to the higher security level and modern technology available.