Eden & McWhit Global services Ltd. is a joint venture company with foreign technical partners, associates & international investors. The firm is involved in consultancy, facilitation and management services with investors in the port, harbour, airport, customs, oil & gas sectors for innovative and commercial inspection, security, safety & screening products and solutions. 

Our strategic security & screening solutions are implemented in partnership with accredited & recognised international organisations, offering a wealth of experience and operating worldwide through strategically located international offices, agents and partner companies in over 50 countries worldwide.

The company has a board of directors with seasoned entrepreneurs and qualified corporate personalities of various nationalities and expertise, reflecting the International outlook of the organisation.

Our concept is premised on the fact that several nations with present economic challenges require a partnership to address some capital intensive but vital aspects of their global gateways.

We have therefore established a consortium with investors to finance the requirements of our clients (governments) in the maritime, aviation, customs, energy and oil & gas sectors. The requirements span the security, screening, inspection, tracking and safety solutions for the government facilities in these sectors, so as to ensure compliance with international regulatory organisations to make the world a safer place.

We are then able to offer our clients an increased revenue due to the modern equipment & products installed with these solutions for the duration of the partnership.

We also undertake to maintain, replace and enhance the modern equipment & services offered to our clients and train all local personnel throughout the contract period on a BOT or BMT basis at no cost to the client.

We realise that most governments have a tight budget due to the present global economic situation so they would be disposed to any project which would offer them a vital service without any cost and at the same time offering them a much-needed increase in revenue generation through the international operators of their government owned public facilities.

Our main objective, therefore, is revenue generation for our prospective clients.

Countries should start looking at getting what they need with what they own. This is a principle in any economic recovery programme.

Eden & McWhit has been involved through its associates in projects in various countries including the United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Australia, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Southern Sudan, Pakistan and Kurdistan. We are presently discussing proposals with other African countries including Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Morocco, Angola, Egypt, Kenya, Namibia, Mozambique and some francophone countries.

Eden & McWhit Global Services Ltd can provide, through this strategic alliance, a world class consultancy with products and solutions to major safety, security, screening, inspection, defence and fire challenges or requirements worldwide. Eden & McWhit can provide, through its international partners, associates & investors, consultancy, management and development of state-of-the-art innovative, integrated security products and solutions to secure ports, harbours, airports, customs and oil & gas loading facilities in compliance with the International regulatory organisations (IMO, ISPS, ICAO, IATA, WCO).

Our partnership with our clients generates a commendable revenue increase in foreign exchange to assist the country’s economy. The project would ensure due process, transparency & accountability due to its concept.

A new generation pacesetter of innovative creation of strategic solutions as well as provider of consultants addressing challenges experienced by developing and developed countries in the Ports, Harbours, Airports, Customs, Borders, Oil & Gas sectors.

We invent, propose and deliver solutions. We are not just consultants but we also utilise our wide network of investors to interface with governments and address the challenges experienced in the vital revenue generating sectors of their economy without any financial burden to the governments.

We are valued for our unique ability to collaborate across divisional, functional and geographic lines to provide our clients with an integrated approach ensuring streamlined communication, expedited timeline, and a constant focus on safety and sustainability. Our solutions offer clients a single point of accountability for even the most complex projects/facilities and enable it to deliver high levels of quality and economic efficiency.

Whilst our services are professional and result oriented, our solutions, in particular, make us unique and sought after.

We continually strive to achieve increased revenue, expansion and success for our clients, whilst ensuring that our training programs improve the quality of staff available and sustainability of the state of art facilities installed for the client in partnership with our associates of investors.

We are committed to safety & sustainability in everything we do.


Eden & Mcwhit is as a result of this fully committed to the host communities in which we operate anywhere in the world.

We are of the opinion that the public sector ought to play a vital role in building an environment that enhance guarantees the people the basic necessities (good health, education, agricultural development, Job security) through capacity building and job creation, sports development, access to water and solar energy products.

Our social investment strategy is based on our vision to address poverty while we improve people’s lives and make the World a safer place.

We believe in leaving a legacy wherever we operate based on our humanitarian principles.

Citizens of every nation ought to have the opportunity for capacity building from the organized private sector operating within its shores.

Use welcome proposals for land worthy projects in the enlisted areas.


“To be a world class safety consultancy organization that provides safety as a competitive advantage.”


“To be the leading sustainable solutions provider to the Ports, Harbours, Airports, Customs & Excise departments, Borders, Oil & Gas sectors.”