Increased global air travel (especially with 90% of the world trade being generated from emerging economies all over the world) poses a security threat to airports all over the world.

It is a fact that the aviation sector has witnessed a huge increase in International travel. Statistics confirm that International airline operators have increased their airline’s fleet to some African, Middle East and Asian countries with bigger aircraft due to this development.

Through our Principal guarantees World Class Airports at no cost to the Government/Airport Authorities while generating an increased revenue through a third party security service provider agreement with the latest equipment & technology.

The project involves the procurement, installation, replacement and upgrade of all Aviation Security equipment required to ensure International compliance with relevant International Regulatory Organisation (ICAO, IATA, TIACA etc.). It also includes the training of the local AVSEC personnel.

Through our Principal, we proposed a World Class Airport Security operation in line with International Aviation Organisation requirements. A need gap survey would be conducted then a financial proposal would be submitted for the proposed Aviation Security Project on a third party service basis.

The project would involve the collaboration of the Airlines, Homeland Security Service department and the Government’s Aviation Authority (AVSEC) to create a network of security services using digital electronic equipment and other support services to prevent acts of unlawful interference in order to enable stakeholders and operators conduct their commercial activities in a secure and economically viable environment.

We are able through our Principal and associates offer the following training programmes locally and overseas.

Such training to include but not limited to:

  • Full AVSEC Training
  • Threat Identification Training
  • Search Techniques Training
  • Aircraft Security Training
  • Cargo Training (Levels A-G)
  • GSAT Training
  • First Person on Scene (FPOS) training
  • K9 Handler Training
  • Disaster Planning Training
  • Fire Awareness Training
  • First Aid Training

  • World Class Airport Security – WASS will provide world class security processes and technology systems that provides safe, hassle free and efficient experiences for travellers, meet and exceed all international regulations, give essential tools to address public safety issues and can enhance economic development;
  • New Technology– upgrades and maintenance provided by Westminster on a continual basis throughout the duration of the contract.
  • Substantial Economic Benefit– Significant Government cost reduction on existing security responsibilities at International airports, with no further investment required. Economic benefit to the local economy, employment opportunities and local purchases through Eden & Mcwhit Global Services Ltd. (a Nigeria Company incorporated by the Corporate Affairs Commission) and the agent/local partner to Westminster.
  • Government Revenue Stream– Fees potentially generating significant revenue per annum to FAAN and enhanced tax revenue to Government;
  • Provision of Shared Intelligence– the Project would provide shared intelligence with relevant security agencies and key stakeholders such as the Aviation Security Personnel, Immigration, Custom Army, Police, Airplanes, Airport operators, AVSEC ground handlers etc.

  • Third Party Aviation Security Providers
  • We are Agents to a Principal who has the experience, technical expertise and resources to deliver a professionally operated and efficient modern Airport Security Service using the latest digital equipment, products, support services and solutions.
  • Our Principal & Associates have a track record of successfully delivering similar projects Worldwide.
  • This Aviation Project providers investments benefits to the host community.
  • The Security Project ensures maintenance, repair, replacement and upgrade of all equipment installed at the International Airport throughout the duration of the contract.
  • The Project is based on a research/survey, facts, figures and a needs assessment evaluation basis.
  • Our Principal is an accredited strategic partner to the relevant International Aviation supervisory and regulatory organization.

  • This Third Party Aviation Security provider project would ensure a bullet points professionally operated grand security.
  • We pledge as Agents to work with the Airports Authorities in order to ensure continued compliance with International Safety and Security requirements.
  • The Aviation Security Project shall deliver an additional revenue stream to the Government and Aviation Authorities.

  • Third Party Aviation Security service providers.
  • AVSEC manpower training Latest Aviation Security digital technologies & support services K9 services for Aviation Security solutions.
  • Consultancy for Aviation Security.

Whilst airport security always remains the responsibility of the Government, Eden & Mcwhit Global offers GOVERNMENT the opportunity to engage professionals with expertise in this sector thereby outsourcing this specialized sector on a third party aviation security service provider agreement with strategic first class aviation security and revenue generating solutions

Our Principal operates with the approval of the relevant International Regulatory Organizations (ICAO, IATA, WCO, TIACA, FIATA, UNCTAD).

The project involves the collaboration of Authorized Government Agencies & AVSEC to enhance airport security by providing the required investment & expertise to bring the country’s Airport security and safety to International standards and maintain those standards for the duration of the contract.

The proposal will address two major factors:
The importance of airport security & safety to the country’s economy (with constantly increasing international airport security & safety regulations and advances in technology there is a growing burden associated with funding the investments required to ensure compliance with international standards)

Global pressure on government funding (where Third Party Aviation Security projects can play a major role in sustainable economic development in an emerging market; especially in Africa).

  • There will be an increase in the revenue generated by the Aviation Authority with enhanced tax revenue for the Government.
  • There will be upgrades of Aviation Security equipment as and when necessary to be current with modern technology and regular maintenance of all Aviation Security equipment installed throughout the duration of the project/contract.
    The Airports would have a First Class security process with the latest technology that offers a safe & stress free, efficient experience for travelers (smart security).
  • This project would enhance economic development for the Country and protect the global gateways in compliance with International Regulations.

We would require information for our Principal in order to enable them prepare a professional AVSEC project.

  • ICAO Annexes 9, 14,17, 18
  • ICAO Document 8973
  • Airport Security Plan (ASP)
  • Utility Infrastructure Operating Environment
  • TNational, Regional and Local factors
  • Ethnic, Religious and Cultural factors
  • Insurgency, Terrorism & Global threats.

Following the Pre-deployment period a full-scale implementation of the Airport Security Project will commence and will comprise of a number of keys elements ensuring an effective deployment & the provision of enhanced, professional security services through the entire period of the contract.

Our Principal will then deploy a survey team to do a thorough review of the airport and compile a comprehensive report of security functions and requirements to produce a proposed project plan.