This proposal is to introduce Eden & Mcwhit Global Services Ltd, which is an International Joint Venture Consortium with foreign technical associates and investors.

Our technical associates have a commendable track record and experience in more than 50 countries worldwide offering the same services successfully.

It is our belief that African Nations, as an emerging market with its economic challenges could use a consortium like ours to reduce security risks and also boost the economy due to the substantial increase in revenue generation resulting from our Project Plan. The installation of our equipment in all the Customs & Excise departments of the Ports, Harbours, International Airports in the country on a concessionary partnership basis (BMT or BOT).

This is due to the fact that the capital outlay for such a project with the installation of modern equipment is high, so a strategic partnership would be ideal.

It is a fact that the aviation sector has witnessed a massive increase in international travel. Statistics confirm that International Airline operators have increased their air fleet to some African and Asian countries with bigger aircraft with more passenger capacity – Due to this development, some Nations have become emerging markets experiencing investors who are interested in the abundant untapped natural and human resources therein.

The recent investment drive of these countries have opened up the nation’s economy for sustainable development and capacity building. However, some of these countries have been assessed as high-security risk areas by developed nations due to the insurgency unleashed in various developing countries.

We are, thereby, committed to assisting the governments of these nations and its relevant agencies to upgrade their international and local airports to a world class standard at par with similar facilities in the developed countries where we also operate on a BOT/BMT basis without any cost to the host government (our client).

Our associates and investors provide the funding for all the equipment required for this project due to the enormous capital outlay subject to an agreement with the government.

We realise that the huge capital required for this project is usually a burden and out-of-budget expense for most governments. We, therefore, devised an innovative package to ensure that these nations can boast of standard Ports & Harbours with the modern equipment available and in full compliance with International Regulatory Organisation (IMO, ISPS) without incurring any cost.

We procure & install, all the equipment required for the survey/feasibility studies and agreement. We train the local workforce and operate or maintain the equipment, enhance and replace if need be throughout the duration of the project partnership with the client (government)

We would then implement our agreement based on a concession arrangement with upgrade levy for operators, and a percentage of revenue generated from this levy (for the state-of-the-art-facilities) will be shared with the client (government) and our associates/investors on an acceptable monthly ratio.

Since the Government would not incur any cost for this upgrade of security, inspection, scanning, screening facilities, the project can be considered as an innovative component of the economic recovery programme of developing nations who have a limited budget for this or have committed their funds to other capital projects, yet could benefit from the increased revenue.

Many nations stand to benefit tremendously from this project as it will ensure full compliance with IMO, ISPS and other International Organisations.