This proposal is to introduce Eden & Mcwhit Global Services Ltd, which is an International Joint Venture Consortium with foreign technical associates and investors.

Our technical associates have a commendable track record and experience in more than 50 countries worldwide offering the same services successfully.

It is our belief that African Nations, as an emerging market with its economic challenges could use a consortium like ours to reduce security risks and also boost the economy due to the substantial increase in revenue generation resulting from our Project Plan. The installation of our equipment in all the Customs & Excise departments of the Ports, Harbours, International Airports in the country on a concessionary partnership basis (BMT or BOT).

This is due to the fact that the capital outlay for such a project with the installation of modern equipment is high, so a strategic partnership would be ideal.

It is a fact many African Nations have thousands of kilometres of borders which they have been unable to protect adequately due to the capital outlay for perimeter fencing and other surveillance, security, screening equipment to enhance the standard of the borders.

This is crucial due to the threat of insurgents gaining access into some countries with their weapons through the porous borders.

It is, therefore, imperative for the governments to seek innovative solutions with the partnership of companies that will provide all needed based on a BOT/BMT agreement.

In this way, insecurity will be addressed, and the government will pay a small amount towards the project. There are many devices and solutions for this sector including handheld scanners, liquid explosive detection, bomb detectors, baggage scanners, people screening facilities, (mobile & fixed), various types of perimeter fencing, turnstiles, car scanners, under vehicle scanners, CCTV, solar lighting, etc.

The same solutions apply to all the public buildings for the National Assembly, Central Bank, Conference Centre, Courthouses, Ministries, Hotels, etc.

We work with our client’s needs based on research and comprehensive survey/feasibility studies of the location or project area. We will then make our recommendation and proceed with the “Project Plan” as proposed.