Radar Systems


Radar systems

Marine radar has an operating range of 32km (subject to monitoring height, size of target and environmental condition)



Access control barriers

Protects gates and access roads from unauthorised vehicles, even those travelling at high speeds.

Drive Through


Drive Through Portal Scanners

Fast, effective and efficient scanning of vehicles as they enter or leave the port, harbour, oil & gas facilities. High penetration systems for cargo vehicles and drive through systems for cars & vans

Mobile X-Ray Scanning


Mobile X-Ray Scanning

Fast, effective & efficient mobile X-rays of vehicles, trucks and containers as they pass through the port, harbour, oil & gas facilities (overtly and covertly options).

Vehicle Barriers


Vehicle Barriers

Control the access of vehicles to the site and allows for initial security checks only.



Under Vehicle CCTV

Quick and easy scanning of the undersides of vehicles as they leave or enter the port, harbour, oil & gas facilities, using both portable and fixed UVCCTV.




Automatic Number Plate Recognition Cameras to monitor the vehicles on site and identify stolen vehicles or known terrorists quickly.


Security Screening

Security screening for access to secured areas for all employees & public before passing through the border. Examples; Baggage X-Ray Scanners, Walk through Metal Detectors, Handheld Metal Detectors Explosive and Narcotics detectors.



Ground Radar

Ground-based radar system detects and tracks people as they move across open ground. Can be linked to the CCTV to automatically track and record intruders.


Solar Lighting

Solar powered lighting enhances safety & security for both public and secure areas, is easy to install and has no running costs.



Inner Security Areas

Protection for inner security areas & compound, creating high-security enclaves in order to control the flow of traffic around the site.

Created using secure fence structures, controlled gates & barriers and Personnel Identification System.



Perimeter Protection

Protection against climbing or cutting through perimeter fence or wall.

Examples: Field disturbance (Fence or Wall), microphone cables (Fence only), taught wires (Fence or Wall)


Inner Security Systems

Protection for inner security areas & compounds creating high-security enclaves in order to control the flow of traffic around the site created using secure fence structures, controlled gate & barriers, personnel identification systems.



Perimeter Fencing

Creates a physical barrier around the site to stop unauthorised intrusion by people or animals.

There is a need for the latest equipment for inspection, screening, detection at our ports, airports and borders. This is in the face of increasing threats, insurgency, illegal immigrants, narcotics and smuggling of weapons & explosives through borders and airports.

Body Scanners

– Internal & external body screening

X-Ray Baggage Scanners

– X-Ray scanning systems for baggage and small cargo items

X-Ray Cargo & Pallet Scanners

– Larger X-Ray systems for pallets and other cargo.

Walk Through & Hand Held Metal Detectors

– Metal detection systems to screen for concealed weapons.

Explosives & Narcotics Particle & Vapour Detectors

– Trace detection of explosives, narcotics and other illicit substances.

Body Scanners


Walkthrough Metal Detector


X-ray Baggage Scanner

x-ray baggage scanner

Handheld Metal Detector


X-ray Cargo & Pallet Scanner


Explosives & Narcotics Particle & Vapour Detectors