Today, with an increase in illicit trade and global insurgency, there is an urgent need to explore strategic innovative solutions to ensure that customs administrations have all the necessary modern equipment and technology required to address the present day’s challenge successfully. However, the capital outlay is enormous, especially the procurement installation, maintenance, regular upgrade, training of personnel etc. 

Customs Administrations are the major source of service revenue for most nations, yet this global gateway records huge losses and lapses due to the lack of modern equipment to deal with trends in the industry. 

A BOT/BMT partnership with a firm like Eden & Mcwhit Global Services  would be the best option for customs administrations in emerging economies.

Eden & Mcwhit Global Services offers clients a variety of products and solutions for the screening, security, inspection and monitoring services. This is with modern customs reforms, as recommended by the relevant international agencies for control of narcotics etc.

The procurement, installation, maintenance, upgrades and replacements (if need be) of all equipment required shall be funded by Eden & Mcwhit’s consortium, associates and investors on a BOT/BMT basis throughout the tenure of the partnership. We will also bear the cost of training local personnel.

Eden & Mcwhit works strictly in line with the recommendations of the World Customs Organisation, whilst ensuring that the client’s customs administration is able to generate a substantial increase in revenue through operators & stakeholders.

We are currently implementing this in 40 countries worldwide successfully.

The World Customs Organisation plays a leading role in the implementation of modern customs system and procedures. Its instruments and ‘best practice’ approach are recognised as the basis for sand customs administration throughout the world.

Their primary objective is to enhance the efficiency and  effectiveness of customs administration, thereby assisting them to contribute successfully to national development goals, (particularly revenue generation and collection, national security, trade facilitation, community protection, and collecting trade statistics, drugs enforcement, illegal weapons trading and sustainable capacity building) to assist with custom reforms and modernisation.


Eden & McWhit Global Services Ltd. is a Nigerian joint venture company with foreign technical partners & associates involved in consultancy facilitation and management services for investors in the Customs & Excise Department/Border Control for innovative, commercial, inspection and security safety products and solutions. 

Our security solutions are implemented in partnership with accredited & recognised international organisations, offering a wealth of experience and operating worldwide through strategically located international offices, agents and partner companies in over 50 countries worldwide.

Eden & McWhit Global Services Ltd can provide this strategic alliance, a world class consultancy, products and solutions to major safety, security, inspections and defence or fire challenges worldwide.

Illegal Immigration

Smuggling Stolen Vehicles
Drug Smuggling
Cargo Theft
Illegal Immigration
Organised Crime
Crude Oil Theft

Security is dependent on a fully integrated security solution including:-
1. Prevention
2. Surveillance & monitoring
3. Shared intelligence
4. Detecting & Tracking
5. Appropriate & prompt response.


To create world-class integrated customs & excise department/border control.

To ensure the customs & excise department/border control operations are in accordance with international regulations & ISPS code.

To access, train and improve the civilian customs & excise department/border control security team

To assess, improve, enhance & expand electronic security systems & equipment, including maintenance.

To equip the customs & excise department/border control with the latest surveillance, detection, tracking & screen technology.

To enable carriers and cargo operators to conduct their operators via the customs & excise department/border control in a safe, secure and profitable manner.

To encourage new operators to use the customs & excise department/border control due to higher security levels.


World class customs & excise department/border security:
The customs & excise department/border receives world class integrated security technology systems, that provides a safe, hassle-free & efficient experience for shippers, and consequentially enhances economic development, ensures compliance with international regulations and gives key stakeholders essential tools to address security & safety issues.

Cost Savings:
There will be a significant cost reduction for the port authorities by using the latest world class leading technology.

World class leading technology:
Integrated surveillance, monitoring, tracking, detection, screening security and software systems that will enhance anti-terrorist & anti-crime (i.e. illegal explosives, illegal weapons etc) detection & prevention measures.

Through Eden & McWhit’s strategic partnership and its international client base, the customs & excise department/border receives the advantages of the best practices & latest technology from the worlds’ leading ports.

Through this alliance, we can supply and maintain all of the integrated state-of-the-art technology and provide operating training & expertise.

Shared Resources:
This includes other agencies & key stakeholders such as:

Customs & Immigration
Police Coast Guard, Navy & Army
Shipping companies/ Airlines

Port Custom & Excise Department/Border Operation & others National intelligence Centre Other countrywide ports, airports and government facilities


  1. Software and analytics can be provided in modules as stand-alone systems, or integrated into a national information sharing & intelligence platform.
  2. Analytics work primarily with country’s own national cargo data to provide real-time risk assessments and target suspicious containers
  3. In addition, analysts can access a database of cargo container movements (with over 500 million global records) which is updated daily.
  4. Analysts are provided with the ability to establish normalcy for historical trading relationships, commodities and routeings, making it easier to uncover anomalies for suspect cargo approaching their borders.
  5. Analysts can easily create their own risk profiles to automatically run against all available data.
  6. Subsequent results from x-ray scans and physical inspections, (especially in the case of false positives) can be fed back to the analyst for updating profiles.
  7. Analytics help assesses risk on cargo require timely data from all available sources, data such as from Maersk, COSCO and Evergreen and declaration data from customs back-office systems (such as ASYCUDA, TRIPS, CASE or SIGA). Typically this data needs to be refreshed daily.

Today, the Nigerian Government is relying totally on the physical inspection of containers without any electronic devices. This allows for an inadequate level of security to combat modern day threats.

We, therefore, offer these products & solutions.

X-Ray Vehicle Scanning Portal

– Rapid port side X-Ray scanning system, scanning up to 180 containers per hour.

X-Ray Vehicle Scanning Gantry

– Rail mounted gantry inspection system, scanning up to 38 trucks and containers per hour.

X-Ray Occupied Car, Mini-Bus & Van Scanner

– Scans 150 vehicles per hour, scanning the vehicle and occupants for explosives and contraband.

Substance Detection K9s

– Searches for explosives, narcotics & general patrol.

Automatic Container Code Recognition

– Port operators can automatically collect the Container Code Number from CCTV cameras.

The System will:

– Log Container Code Number into their database;

– Give alerts and notifications.

Automatic Container Hazardous Goods Codes Recognition

Allows the port operators to monitor and record containers and crude oil cargo ships that contain hazardous materials using the Kemler Codes on the containers from CCTV cameras.


Nigeria has recently witnessed unprecedented threats and attacks in various locations such as government facilities, oil & gas pipelines, power generation & transmission facilities and border & transmission facilities.

We offer various solutions including:

Acoustic & Seismic Field Disturbance Detection Systems

– Detects intruders through the use of sound or field disturbance sensors.

Fibre Optic Detection Systems

– Long range detection of intruders through the use of fibre-optic vibration sensing systems.

Ground Radar

– Intruder detection and tracking across large open areas.

Physical Fencing

– Physical protection from the vulnerable perimeter for the facility.

With the wave of insurgency experienced in Nigeria & globally, it becomes imperative to protect borders, government agencies, buildings, facilities and public buildings with innovative security products & solutions, including access control. 

Some of our solution include:

High-Security Gates.

Rising Road Blockers & Bollards.

Under Vehicle Portable CCTV Inspection with ANPR.

CCTV Surveillance Systems.

Access Control, Identification Verification & Turnstiles.


There is a need for the latest equipment for inspection, screening and detection at our borders in the face of increasing threat, insurgency, illegal immigrants, narcotics and smuggling. The Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme (USOAP) has expressed the desire for Nigeria to ensure compliance with its standards and upgrades of all facilities & equipment if possible. 

We, therefore, offer various solutions including:

Body Scanners

– Internal & external body screening

X-Ray Baggage Scanners

– X-Ray scanning systems for baggage and small cargo items

X-Ray Cargo & Pallet Scanners

– Larger X-Ray systems for pallets and other cargo.

Walk Through & Hand Held Metal Detectors

– Metal detection systems to screen for concealed weapons.

Explosives & Narcotics Particle & Vapour Detectors

– Trace detection of explosives, narcotics and other illicit substances.