The global economy is dependent on the Oil & Gas sector. For this reason, countries who export and import crude and refined products require value added security, screening, inspection, and tracking solutions to ensure they do not lose substantial revenue to illicit trade, corruption & oversight due to lack of modern equipment with the latest technology.

To ensure efficient control of this sector by the government with the present global economic depression, oil producing, exporting & importing nations are therefore considering various innovative & strategic solutions to increasing their revenue generation and also preventing or reducing their loss from these facilities.

Eden & Mcwhit, through its investors and associates, will fund the procurement, installation maintenance & replacement of the equipment required after a survey of the facilities at no cost to government/our client throughout the duration of our BOT/BMT agreement.

We will then train the local personnel on the use of the equipment. We will also implement Corporate Social Responsibility Programmes for the host communities.

The equipment installed ensures that the facilities are in compliance with the International Regulatory Organisation. Tracking of incoming & outgoing crude oil and refined product vessels from loading bays (using the port’s modern equipment and latest technology) is one of the solutions available to our Client. Tracking of trucks carrying refined petroleum products by land through our GPS system is another option we offer.

The tracking would cover trucks that are diverted across borderlines, as our services by satellite has global coverage.

Oil n Gas 101

Oil & Gas loading bay security, inspection, screening & monitoring

The oil & gas loading bays are sometimes located within a marine environment. It is, therefore, important to have efficient security, screening, inspection equipment and solutions to prevent or reduce unauthorised activity. 

Without this, the government loses huge revenue and the facilities are exposed to unauthorised personnel and possible threats.

We have various options available to address these challenges (marine & terrestrial). The modern equipment offered by us would ensure that our client’s concerns are addressed effectively.

Ocean Tracking

Ocean Vessels Tracking (Inbound & Outgoing)

We also offer a tracking service for all incoming and outgoing cargo vessels for the port, harbour, oil & gas facilities to have control over all vessels in territorial waters and beyond. Any unauthorised vessels would be identified immediately. Our tracking goes beyond Nigerian waters so as to confirm where the vessels are coming from or going to.

Truck TrackingTruck tracking  (Refined Petroleum Products)

We have the GPS system to track all trucks carrying refined petroleum products to prevent diversion. All accredited trucks will be registered and will be monitored even when outside the country’s borders  (based on our satellite service). Any stops will be recorded and removal of the quantity loaded will be reflected in real time.

UnderwaterUnderwater Pipeline Detection

Underwater pipelines can be protected with sonar to detect approaching divers. Nodal systems or fibre optic systems will be in place to detect pipeline attacks.

Land baseLand Base Pipeline Detection

Integrated pipeline detection can span both underwater and shore pipes to create a single detection system for alerts on intending attack or intruders.

UderMotorAutonomous Underwater Vehicle

Autonomous underwater vehicles constantly patrolling the entire pipeline equipped with several surveillance and detection systems, such as CCTV cameras, thermal camera and sonar acoustic sensors.

Radar101Radar & Thermal Cameras

Permits additional security and surveillance from offshore platforms.
Tracking of all incoming & outgoing vessels.
GPS systems will be utilised for tracking outside territorial waters.

Awarness101Underwater Situational Awareness

A simple node network or nodes provide an early warning of fast moving underwater or surface crafts at ranges well beyond sonar tracking (typically 1km radius).

Barriers101Marine Barrier

Floating marine barrier capable of stopping a boat even at high speed.

Sonar101Marine Intruder Protection Sonar

Underwater sonar detection provides surveillance of all activities on or below the surface of the water.

tjsEnforcer Underwater Communications

High powered underwater communication and disruption system to warn off unauthorised stray divers and force more persistent underwater intruders to the surface.

Vessel TrackingRefined Petroleum Vessels Tracking (Inbound & Outgoing)

We offer a tracking service for all incoming and outgoing petroleum vessels for the oil & gas facilities, in order to have control over all vessels in the territorial waters and beyond. Any unauthorised vessels would be identified immediately.
Our tracking goes beyond the country’s waters so as to confirm where the vessels are coming from or going to.