This proposal is to introduce Eden & Mcwhit Global Services Ltd. which is an International Joint Venture Consortium with foreign technical associates and investors.

Our technical associates have a commendable track record and experience in more than 50 countries worldwide offering the same services successfully.

It is our belief that African Nations, as an emerging market with its economic challenges could use a consortium like ours to reduce security risks and also boost the economy due to the substantial increase in revenue generation resulting from our Project Plan. The installation of our equipment in all the Ports, Harbours, Oil, Gas and refined petroleum products loading bays in the country on a concessionary partnership basis (BMT or BOT).

This is due to the fact that the capital outlay for such a project with the installation of modern equipment is high, so a strategic partnership would be ideal.

It is a fact that some countries’ economy is mainly dependent on the sale of crude; it is, therefore, expected that necessary security, inspection & tracking services would be in place to prevent or reduce a substantial loss of revenue to the Federal Government.

Crude oil theft has undermined the integrity of the Nigerian Petroleum Company and its parastatals and the Vandalism of pipelines on land & sea, diversion of refined petroleum products trucks have also become the order of the day. The need to sanitize the industry with modern equipment and technology cannot, therefore, be overemphasized. It is a fact that the cost of such equipment is capital intensive and a burden for the developing countries, especially in the present economic downturn.

We, therefore, propose a concession with the government petroleum resources agency to install the latest equipment & technology available to protect the oil & gas facilities with particular emphasis on the loading bays/Ports and other areas where a high level of surveillance, security, inspection, monitoring is required. We would also track oil cargo vessels entering and leaving the country territorial waters to lift crude oil and other vessels transporting refined products from the loading bays.

The cost of the equipment shall, therefore, be defrayed over the duration of the contract period through a security levy on all operators & stakeholders making use of these facilities.

We also offer a tracking proposal for trucks transporting refined petroleum products within the country to prevent diversion of petroleum products to other users & countries.

Our tracking is based on global satellite and can track anywhere in the world.

We firmly believe that with our services, the petroleum industry will record an increase in revenue and better security for all its facilities and assets at little or no cost subject to the scope of the project.

Our range of equipment can be seen on this site and customized based on confidential requirements.

We work with our client’s peculiar needs and challenges as well as utilized research-based survey and feasibility studies on the designated locations before submitting a proposed project plan for the clients consideration once an agreement is reached. We would be prepared to mobilize immediately after this for implementation.