Eden & McWhit Global Services Ltd is a Nigerian/International joint venture company with foreign technical partners   associates & investors involved  in consultancy facilitation and management services with our investors for the Ports, Harbours, Oil & Gas sectors using  innovative digital, commercial, inspection and security safety products and solutions. Our security solutions are implemented with accredited & recognized international organizations offering a wealth of experience and operating worldwide through strategically located international offices, agents and partner companies in over 50 countries worldwide.

Our products would ensure compliance of NPA with IMO, ISPS, WCO, WTO, FIATA, IAPH regulations and other conventions to which Nigeria is a signatory.

It is our belief that Nigeria, as an emerging market with its economic challenges could use a consortium like ours to reduce security risks and also boost the economy due to the substantial increase in revenue generation resulting from our Project Plan. The installation of our equipment in all Ports & Harbours, International Airports, Custom Administration, Oil & Gas loading bays in Nigeria at little or MINIMAL COST (subject to products) to the Government, supervising ministry or its parastatals would be an advantage.

We are therefore offering our services to the Federal Government and its parastatals in respect of outsourcing its specialized security, surveillance, scanning, screening, tracking and monitoring services thereby providing world class International solutions for these facilities. Furthermore, this will ensure compliance with International regulations for the upgrade of the services in these facilities at MINIMAL COST to the government agencies on a Third Party Service Provider basis.

Eden & Mcwhit’s Maritime Revenue Generation Security, Screening, Inspection and Tracking solutions guarantees first class Ports & Harbours, loading bays at minimal cost to the Government/Ports Authority whilst generating increased revenue under a Third Party Service Provider agreement and a security levy with modern equipment and technology. In collaboration with our Associates and Investment Partners, we arrange to fund for the procurement, installation, replacement (when required) upgrade of the required equipment to ensure International Regulatory Organization compliance (IMO, ISPS) at minimal cost to the government within the duration of the partnership.

We also train the local personnel without any additional cost to the government agencies.

Our Principal offers modern equipment with the latest technology to ensure that the Client’s facilities are of world class standard to attract more operators.

Ports & Harbours, Oil & Gas loading bays are highly vulnerable to many forms of illegal activities such as:

  • Sabotage;
  • Theft;
  • Smuggling;
  • Civil Disorder;
  • Trafficking;
  • Illegal Immigration;

  • Gateways for dangerous materials and weapons of mass destruction;
  • Often the point of entry for illegal immigration & terrorists;
  • Vulnerable to suicide attacks on foot, bicycles, motorcycles, car or trucks
  • Vulnerable to attacks at entrances & loading / unloading points from public transport and vessels that are on land or at sea;
  • Vulnerable to explosive device or device containing HAZMAT or RDD planted on Port grounds, quays, terminals, storage areas, vehicles, etc;
  • Vulnerable to the sinking of a vessel in the Port or its approach lanes that block a pier, channel or all traffic to and from the Port;
  • Vulnerable to the seizure of a vessel for use as a weapon against another vessel or a target on shore.

  • Cargo theft
  • Crude Oil theft
  • Illegal bunkering
  • Organized crime
  • Environmental
  • Drug Smuggling
  • Illegal immigration
  • Smuggling Stolen Vehicles
  • Internal conspiracies (Dockworkers, Vendors, Security Personnel etc.)

To Secure Ports & Harbours, security is dependent on a fully integrated security solution including: –

  • Prevention;
  • Surveillance & monitoring;
  • Shared intelligence;
  • Detection & tracking;
  • Appropriate & prompt response.

Our Principal can provide Consultancy, Management and development of long-term state-of-the-art innovative, integrated security products and solutions to secure Ports & Harbours in compliance with the International Ship and Port Security code adopted by the International Maritime Organization.


 World Class Port Security – Our Principal will provide World class security processes technology systems that provides a safe, hassle-free & efficient experience for shippers, meet and exceed all International Regulations, give essential tools to address public safety issues and can enhance economic development;

New Technology– upgrades and maintenance will be provided by our Principal on a continual basis throughout the duration of the contract.

Cost Reduction – There will be a significant cost reduction for the Ports authority by using the latest World class leading technologies.

Government Revenue Stream– Fees potentially generating significant revenue per annum to Ports authority and enhanced tax revenue to Government;

Provision of Shared Intelligence– the Project would provide shared intelligence with relevant security agencies and key stakeholders such as:

  • Customs, Immigration;
  • Police;
  • Coast Guard, Navy & Army;
  • Shipping Companies;
  • Port Operation & Others;
  • National Intelligence Centre;
  • Other countrywide Ports & Harbours and Government facilities


  • Improves the country’s reputation for safety & security, whilst meeting or exceeding ISPS requirements.
  • Providing competitive advantage to the country’s shipping industries.
  • Significantly reducing the risk of terrorist activity in the country.
  • The detection & reduction of illegal immigrants entering the Country.
  • Supporting Government’s effort to combat Ports & Harbours area crime & smuggling activities.
  • Major reduction in Ports & Harbours authority costs and expenses.
  • Dramatic reduction in smuggling thereby increasing government revenue.
  • Substantially increased tax base due to an increase shipping activity.