This proposal is to introduce Eden & Mcwhit Global Services ltd which is a Joint Venture company with foreign technical associates and investors.

Our technical associates have a commendable track record and experience in more than 50 countries worldwide offering the same services successfully.

It is our belief that African Nations, as emerging markets with their economic challenges could use a company like ours to reduce security risks and also boost the economy due to the substantial increase in revenue generation from our ‘Project Plan’ and installation of our equipments in all the Customs & Excise departments of the Ports, Harbours, International Airports in the country on a concessionary partnership basis (BMT or BOT).

This is due to the fact that the capital outlay for such a project with installation of modern equipment is high so a strategic partnership would be ideal.

Some African Customs & Excise departments unfortunately rely on physical inspection of all cargo into the country by sea or air. This in itself poses a great security risk for the nation and constitutes a huge loss of revenue to the Government by false declaration of imports & exports despite increased insurgency, unauthorized importation of arms, ammunitions and contraband has remained a regular occurrence.

The facilities for inspection & scanning of all post and parcels in & out of the countries in these days of terrorism cannot be overemphasized. We also recommend various hand held devices to support the fixed scanners. These include bomb detectors, liquid explosive detectors etc.

We are thereby committed to upgrading the postal service department security, inspection, scanning, screening services to a world class standard with the most efficient equipment and technology at NO COST to governments, Postal Services Departments for local and international post and parcels.

We install, train the local personnel, maintain and also replace any equipment if need be throughout the duration of the project partnership.

The cost of modern equipment with the latest technology for adequate inspection, scanning & security would involve a huge capital and this poses a huge burden on developing and developed countries, so we devised a BOT/BMT package where we finance the total cost for all the equipment required for the Customs & Excise department in all Ports, Harbours & International Airports Postal Services Department for our client in partnership with the Customs & Excise department/Government for the concession as we have done successfully in other countries for an agreed period due to the capital investment committed.